Changelog for Estim Control/Server

This page give you updates on the latest versions of Estim Control/Server (ECS), so you can see what's changed from the previous ones. It starts from version 2.4, which is the oldest currently supported one - older versions do not work with the new StimBroker service.


26th October 2018

  • Test version, with basic support for the E-Stim Connect service. This allows you to connect (as master) to a remote user who is running the E-Stim Connect app, simply by pasting in a link that they send you. This version is not yet available via the automatic update service. Select the Connect menu and follow the on-screen instructions


14th February 2018

  • Fix a bug with Join mode (ECS would hang when changing levels, if the remote 2B had A&B channel link turned on).
    When Join mode is on, ECS no longer attempts to adjust both channels itself.


11th February 2018

  • Support for enhanced StimBroker functionality (broadcasts, chat, profiles)
  • On the StimBroker menu, Request connection is now Request user list
  • From the User list, you can request a connection, or send a message
  • When highlighting a user in the list, their profile text will be displayed
  • The user list can now be viewed when connected to StimBroker in slave mode, as well as master
  • On the StimBroker menu, Users is now Users and Profile
  • On the StimBroker Options screen you can now enter a short profile text, which will be displayed to other users
  • When a user requests a connection to your estim unit, their profile will be displayed in the connection confirmation dialogue box
  • Compatibility tweaks for recent firmwares
  • Tweaks to reporting of StimBroker connection status


30th January 2018

  • Compatibility with 2B firmware version 2.107


26th September 2017

  • In Settings for a manual connection, click the new Scan button to find another copy of ECS or of eStim4android running on your LAN, and automatically set the correct IP address
  • In Slave mode, the IP address of the server is broadcast, to allow discovery by an another
  • copy of ECS or eStim4android on the same network
  • Both ECS and eStim4android need to be at least version 2.4.5 for auto-discovery to work


27th August 2017

  • Fix a bug with captions on the Mac via EvoCam
  • Add an 'About...' menu option, to provide detailed app info, plus links to documentation and this changelog
  • Add the ability to reply to messages when in Slave mode. A conversation must be initiated by the Master
  • A new StimBroker menu option has been added, to help manage remote connections

The StimBroker menu has the following options.

  • Connect to server; available in Master or Slave modes, when StimBroker settings have been entered. This signs in to the StimBroker service
  • Disconnect server; available when a connection has been made to the server, disconnects, so you can continue stimming on your own
  • Request control; available when connected to the server, in Master mode. Requests a list of available users, and allows you to select one to request control
  • Terminate control; available when linked to another user, as Master or Slave. Ends the current link, but remains signed in to StimBroker
  • Terminate & block; available in Slave mode, when linked to another user. Ends the current link and adds them to the reject list, so they will not be able to take control
  • Manage users; opens the Advanced StimBroker settings, so you can manage entries in the Accept and Reject lists. If a connection is in progress, the name of the peer will be automatically filled in, so they can be added to the Accept list simply by clicking Add and then Done
  • About; opens the StimBroker website


14th August 2017

  • Add better reporting for the Move command when using Stim Broker
  • Add a Linux/ARM build, suitable for running on Raspberry Pi


9th August 2017

  • Compatibility fix for 2B firmware 2.105. If you have upgraded your 2B, you need at least this version
  • Fix a bug in playback of sequences of settings, which meant only the last would fade out, and the others stopped
  • Support setting rise and fall times to zero for favourite settings
  • Provide better status reporting when using the StimBroker service, so the remote controller can see the % progress towards selected settings


23rd July 2017

  • A new menu option 'Check for updates' has been added, to allow for easy downloads of new versions


17th July 2017
First version compatible with StimBroker.

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