Estim Control/Server

Estim Control/Server (ECS) is my replacement for the Commander app created by E-Stim Systems. It allows you to control a 2B power box from your computer, or to use the app to connect remotely to another person's app, and through that to their 2B. It is interoperable with Commander, though obviously the advanced features are only available when connecting to another copy of ECS.

What does it offer?

In addition to the basic control over modes and output levels for the 2B, ECS adds these key extra features:

  • save the current settings as a favourite
  • create a new favourite from scratch
  • set how long a favourite takes to reach the defined settings, how long to maintain them, and how long to take to drop back to zero
  • select two or more favourites to be played in sequence
  • select two or more favourites to be played in a random sequence
  • adjust the settings in a random sequence, including random delays between favourites, automatic increases in level, and random run times
  • boost function - eg, click to increase current settings by 5 on each channel, over 30 seconds
  • save and load multiple sets of favourites, eg one per partner

Remote play

For remote play, ECS adds some additional features above Commander, which can make it easier to set up, and more flexible

  • support for StimBroker, for hassle-free remote connections
  • save current settings to a remote ECS
  • load favourite settings from a remote ECS
  • monitor the 2B physical controls in real time (so you know if the dials have been turned down, for example)
  • various protocol improvements to provide more reliability and safety
  • display message to remote slave user
  • Experimental: connect in master mode to E-Stim Connect


Estim Control/Server should work on Windows 7 and above; it may also work on older versions, but I can't guarantee that. The Mac version should work on OS X 10.6.8 and above.The Linux version requires an x86 processor and GTK+.

Downloads are here. From version 2.4.1 there is a menu option to check for updates.

Tips and tricks

This page gives a little information about some tips and tricks you can do with ECS. For more details, please refer to the old pages, but note that there may be some minor changes since then.

Recent changes

For details of what's changed in the latest versions, please see here.