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I'm a guy who loves e-stim (erotic electro stimulation) and I have the 2B power box from E-Stim Systems. It's a great box, with a publicly available API, which means that as well as controlling it from a PC using their own software, you can write your own apps to do that. And that's what I've done. This page gathers together the various bits of information.

Already got one of my apps? Please note that from August 2017, only versions 2.4 and above are supported. Make sure you have the latest versions. NEW experimental build for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3, and for compatibility with E-Stim Connect.

My software

I've written a desktop app (Windows, Mac and Linux) that replace E-Stim's Commander app. It's called Estim Control/Server and adds things like the ability to save favourites, to create a list of favourites to play one after the other, to program the 2B to take a certain time to reach specific settings, and even to do a random series of settings.

I've also written an Android counterpart, estim4android, which can be used to control the 2B from a tablet or smart phone. It's not quite as flexible as the desktop app, but it does allow you to save up to six favourites, and has features like a quick 'boost' option and the ability to trigger the 2B when the phone moves.

Both apps can also connect over the internet, with one app plugged into the 2B, and the other remotely controlling it, so you can stim your partner from anywhere you have an internet connection. And all the apps are free.

NEW: I am also working at present on an app for the iPhone, which you can read about here. This is still in the early testing stage, and not yet on the Apple Store.

My services

To complement the apps, I also have a service called StimBroker, which has its own website. It's a way of making it much easier to connect to someone else over the internet, using just an ID and a PIN code - no need to spend ages configuring things. You can try it for two weeks free, and then you need to make a donation to carry on using it. If you like my apps, I hope you'll consider making a donation via the StimBroker website, and in return you'll get even easier remote stimming.

Other stuff

There's quite a lot of other stuff here - I've done lots of experimenting with the 2B over the years, including driving it via audio files from an old Nokia phone, and building a Bluetooth adaptor. You can find out all about that on the technical page.

Need help? Drop me an email via nigel AT roughsex.org

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