E-stim technical info

This part of the site is designed to give you a bit more detailed technical info about my e-stim projects, including some protocol details and information about the extended commands supported by my various apps, especially Estim Control/Server.

Extended e-stim commands

The E-Stim Series 2B power box has a simple set of commands that are used to set the levels and programe modes. This is at the core of all the things that my apps do, however, for better reliability - especially when doing remote play - it's handy to have an extended set of commands. This page details the current set of commands. If you want to implement similar functionality, feel free to use the same commands and options, so that your software can inter-operate with mine.

StimBroker protocol

The StimBroker makes it simple for two systems to connect over the internet, without having to know IP addresses and set up firewalls. It uses a simple lightweight protocol, built on the same principles as the extended commands, and like them I don't mind if you implement it in your own apps, so that they too can access the StimBroker service.

Bluetooth adaptor

One of my other projects has been a home-made Bluetooth adaptor for the 2B. This allows easy control from an Android phone, without needing a cable, and can be handy in a club, for example. Find out how to make one here.

Pebble control

My Android app also allows control via a Pebble smartwatch. If you still have one, learn more here.

Audio remote control with an old Nokia

Here's a way to do some basic remote control, just using an old Nokia smartphone, controlling it via SMS