Welcome to RoughSex.org

This is a private server, and I'm afraid if you're looking for dirty pics, you've come to the wrong place. While I used to host pages for other people here, I'm afraid that the law in the UK is such that I can no longer take the risk. However, I hope you will find some useful things on this site.
June 2018; the site is now running using HTTPS for added privacy and security.

What's here?

Nigel's Notes

This is a blog, where I occassionally write about issues related to kink. For example, you'll find an explanation of what the Yahoo password hack means for kinky people, or a look at some of the scams you find on dating sites, or tips about my favourite gadgets.

Estim Control/Server

Estim Control/Server is a piece of software I've written, for Mac and Windows, allowing you to control an Estim Systems 2B. It offers some features not found in the maker's own software, including lists of favourites, and the ability to do random sessions.

eStim 4 Android

eStim 4 Android is a phone app that's a counterpart to Estim Control/Server. It can be used to control the 2B from an Android phone, including remotely over the internet.


StimBroker is a service that both the apps above can use, to make it much easier to connect over the internet. It's free to use for six weeks from signing up, but after that you need to make a donation towards the costs. There's a dedicated StimBroker siite.

Estim index

There's quite a lot of background and detail about my estim adventures. The index is the best place to start. Note that a lot of these pages need an update. Pages that look like this one have been updated since 2017.

Who's Nigel?

I'm a guy living in London, who writes for a living and in my spare time I run BLUF, a worldwide gay leather club. I organise BLUF events at The Backstreet in London, and also a smoking night there, called IGNITE.

You can find me on BLUF, or on Recon or GayRomeo. Or just send an email to nigel AT roughsex.org