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Monthly Archives : September 29, 2016

More notes on a scam

scams / September 29, 2016

It’s no great surprise that, once again, I received a message on Recon from someone saying they were looking for a sub, and telling me to email them. This time, Recon were pretty quick – by the time I saw the message, the profile had already been deleted. Nevertheless, I decided to follow up on my previous adventures in working out a scam, and see if this one was the same. Surprise, surprise, things went in much the same way – though “Benjamin Porter” wasn’t forthcoming with any info, even though I mentioned in my very first message that I couldn’t see his profile on Recon. First off, a reminder …..

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Notes for kinksters on the Yahoo password hack

fetish sites / September 23, 2016

Yesterday the news broke of a massive hack of Yahoo data, which took place in 2014, but has only been revealed now. There have been several similar high-profile hacks lately, and so I thought it worth taking a look at this topic, in particular from the point of view of kinksters – though the notes here really apply equally to anyone who values their privacy and that of others. I’ll try to explain simply what’s happened, what you should do about it, and what steps to take in future, too. What’s happened? According to Yahoo, some details of up to 500 million accounts are believed to have been obtained by …..

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We’re volunteers, not the help

BLUFcommunity / September 4, 2016

As most of the people reading this will know, I run BLUF, and I spend a huge amount of time on it – probably a couple of hours a day most days, and when there’s a new feature being rolled out on the site, or an update to one of our apps, that can easily extend to several hours a day, for a couple of weeks at a time. Around the world, BLUF and other clubs rely tremendously on volunteers. These are the people who sort out your memberships, and post your newsletters, and talk to bars, and arrange events, and try to make people feel welcome, and all the …..

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