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California Taliban – Double standards in Apple’s App Store

BLUFfetish sitestechnology / May 6, 2019

We are, as many others have commented, slowly walking into a future where what we can see, read, or do online is controlled by a relatively small number of companies, like Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Google. Governments, fearful of being seen to censor directly, bring pressure on Silicon Valley companies to “protect users” or “clean up” discussions. And so Twitter bans some people, Tumblr becomes less pornographic, and so on. To an extent, this is the right of those companies – they operate the platforms, they’re businesses, and they can do what they want. But as they do so, the ramifications spread far and wide.  Nebulous “community standards” somehow allow …..

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Notes for kinksters on the Yahoo password hack

fetish sites / September 23, 2016

Yesterday the news broke of a massive hack of Yahoo data, which took place in 2014, but has only been revealed now. There have been several similar high-profile hacks lately, and so I thought it worth taking a look at this topic, in particular from the point of view of kinksters – though the notes here really apply equally to anyone who values their privacy and that of others. I’ll try to explain simply what’s happened, what you should do about it, and what steps to take in future, too. What’s happened? According to Yahoo, some details of up to 500 million accounts are believed to have been obtained by …..

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Notes on a scam

fetish sitesscams / August 26, 2016 / 2 Comments

As a user of various online dating / community sites, I’m quite used to receiving unsolicited messages from people with a certain air of spam about them. It seems from anecdotal evidence that you’re much more likely to get these if your profile indicates you’re submissive. Typically, the messages come from someone with a profile that claims they’re looking for a slave, with photos that seem too good to be true, and they state that they’re seldom on the site, so it’s best to communicate by email. So, in a spirit of enquiry, I decided to play along with one of these and see what happens, and work out what …..

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